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Cookies and information gathering This web site does not set cookies, nor does it use any other means to gather personal details from your computer without your knowledge. The web server which hosts this site generates statistics, but these only provide generic information which cannot be used to identify you — this includes data such as which browsers and operating systems are used by visitors, originating IP addresses (usually those assigned by ISPs), which pages have been visited, which words are used in search terms, and other similar information that helps in maintaining and designing the web site (all web sites do this, they just don’t usually mention it).

Third‑party servers You can turn off all cookies, including third‑party cookies, in the security or privacy preferences of your web browser. The medievalbookshop site includes links to several third‑party sites, including Addthis, Amazon, Google, PayPal, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you have not turned off cookies for third‑party links, then when you use any of these you implicitly consent to their storing cookies on your computer. As they are third parties, Medievalbookshop has no access to their servers, and you should check their own sites for their cookie policies. Some search engines may direct you to information pages that no longer exist on the Medievalbookshop site, and some of the links contained in those pages may try to set cookies.

Contact You can contact medievalbookshop at any time through the links at the top of this page. The business is part‑time, so email may not be checked every day, but any non‑spam email that is received will be replied to. No liability is accepted for any email not received, so you might wish to activate a "receipt request" if your email program allows it.

Complaints can be submitted via the links at the top of this page, and will be acknowledged as soon as possible. Any dispute will be treated in confidence, and every reasonable attempt will be made to resolve it within thirty working days.

Application of law medievalbookshop is based in the United Kingdom and is subject to English law, which in turn may be modified by European Community law in many matters including data protection. You can use the email link at the top of this page if you feel that that in any respect this site contravenes any local legal requirement, and every reasonable attempt will be made to find a remedy that does not conflict with English law.

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