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PDF is a versatile and reliable digital file format (the letters stand for Portable Document Format). It can be used in print and online, for anything from a single page to a whole book. Most operating systems now have PDF capability built in, so it’s an ideal way to send attachments through email or social media. On the rare occasions your device can’t handle them, you can download a free reader app from Adobe ("Acrobat Reader").

Its strongest selling point is that it sticks to the 'what you see is what you get' principle — a PDF retains all the formatting, typefaces and design features that you put there — whereas ebook formats such as Kindle and iBook force you to downgrade your document to fit their limitations. This means that no matter what kind of device you view it on — phone, tablet or laptop — it should always look the same. If ebooks are the digital equivalent of writing with your fingers on wet clay tablets, then by comparison PDFs are the equivalent of elegantly sculptured carvings in stone.

Medievalbookshop offers web-ready PDF creation as standard alongside your print job, and you can commission individualised PDFs for — well, almost anything you can think of actually.

Scroll down the page to see some work samples — click on the thumbnails to see larger images or PDFs.

Online brochures

These brochures were commissioned by the clients specifically for online use, and have links and bookmarks built in. In most cases printed versions were also produced for use as mailshots and handouts.

Press release to introduce book series

Press release to introduce the Small Vampires series

Syllabus for corporate intern scheme

This was commissioned by the client specifically for online use, primarily for sending out as an email campaign, though with the option of a printed version for mailshots and handouts.

Sample brochure cover

Catalogue (leaflet style)

These were prepared monthly, designed as A5-sized 4-page leaflets. A printed version was sent out with packaged orders, and a PDF file was produced for viewing on a web site, and for sending out as email attachments. The PDF proved particularly flexible from the point of view of the introductory paragraphs, which could be re-worded for each new recipient list.

Sample catalogue layout

Sample setting for online book

This page was produced to show a typesetting format for the client. The book is eventually expected to be made available as a PDF document, with the possibility of a small edition produced in print.

Sample book page

Books for children & young adults

All of the work Medievalbookshop has done for Monster Books can be bought as printed books, and also as PDFs, suitable for reading on pretty much any computer, tablet, or phone. You can order from their web site

Children’s book cover
Children’s book cover Children’s book cover
Children’s book cover Children’s book cover

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