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In our time-hungry, media-saturated age, people still love taking time out to relax and browse catalogues — whether on their phone or tablet, or in good old fashioned printed form. They're particularly attractive to commuters, giving them something to browse on long journeys, and as such make suitable advertising inserts in magazines & newspapers.

Catalogues provide an ideal way to provide in-depth information in a concise format — more detailed and more permanent than a display ad, but not necessarily demanding a huge attention span from your target audience. Illustrated or not, they can be anything from a cheap-and-cheerful black and white leaflet, to a full-on glossy multi-page.

Medievalbookshop can take on almost any aspect of production from editing or originating copy, through the type and design stages, to print- and web-ready PDF — and project management if you need it — and can even look for a printer for you if you don’t already have one.

Here’s some samples — click on the thumbnails to look at larger versions of the images.

Catalogue (leaflet style)

These were prepared monthly, designed as A5-sized 4-page leaflets. A printed version was sent out with packaged orders, while a PDF file was produced for viewing on the web site, and for sending out as email attachments. The PDF proved particularly flexible from the point of view of the introductory paragraphs, which could be re-worded for different kinds of recipient list.

Sample catalogue layout

Conference catalogue

Sample catalogue cover Sample catalogue cover Sample catalogue cover

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