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Graphic design and typesetting service

Medievalbookshop offers a full typesetting service, whether designing from scratch, or setting to spec. It’s worth spending some time and money on — running your book out in Microsoft Word might seem easy, but rarely looks as good as a professional makeover! Whatever your needs, not just books — magazines, brochure, catalogues, you name it — get in touch to discuss your requirements and find out what Medievalbookshop can do to make your business look good.

Scroll down the page to see a few examples, and use the links at left to see how type can be used in other kinds of job.

Typesetting scamps

Here’s a couple of famous first pages and a work in progress, set up in styles suitable for book publication.

Sample page design Sample page design Sample book page

Sample pages & spreads: books

Here’s some sample pages from various titles produced for Monster Books.

Sample page spread
Sample page spread Sample page spread
Sample page design Sample page design

Sample spread from a magazine

Sample magazine pages

Catalogue (leaflet style)

These were prepared monthly, designed as A5-sized 4-page leaflets which could be sent out with packaged orders — also produced in PDF form, for viewing on a web site, and for sending out as email attachments.

Sample catalogue layout

Conference papers

The client’s costs were kept down on this project by setting in black & white, and binding as a saddled-stitched brochure.

Sample page design Sample page design

Annual report

Sample page design

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