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Free samples

Free samples available — no obligation!

See how your work might look — I’ll be happy to provide sample pages set from your text, with no obligation for you to place a commission. For example a chapter beginning or a random page of text from a book or report, as on the examples below — click on the thumbnails to look at larger versions of the images. Your samples can be shown in two or three different typefaces to suggest how your pages might look. If you want to set up a magazine or newsletter I can create a couple of alternative stylings for your articles.

Please note: in most cases this offer does not include generating artwork from scratch, but you’re welcome to send one or two scamp placeholder illustrations for inclusion on your sample (they don’t need to be finalised artwork). Unfortunately this free sample offer does not extend to smaller jobs that can’t easily be sampled, such as single-page leaflets, single business cards, small web pages, etc.

If you’re considering a freelance contract, I’d be happy to work with you for an hour or two so that you can see how things might work out. Again, however, this offer does not apply to small jobs which would be largely completed in that amount of time.

Use the contact link at the top of this page to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

Sample page designs

Example of a page spread design
Example of a page spread design Example of a page spread design
Example of a design for a book page Sample page layout from a book of conference papers

Scamp graphic for proposal document

Example of a scamp graphic created for a project submission

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