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A striking logo is an integral part of your public face — something you’ll use over and again — and medievalbookshop can help you get it right. It has to be simple yet noticeable, and flexible enough to retain its character at any size, and often in a variety of different contexts. It can represent anything from an entire corporation and everything it stands for, to a single project.

Scroll down to look at some samples — click on the thumbnails to look at comments and larger versions of the images.

Logo for a translation agency

The client wanted something basic and scalable — it had to include a fairly decorous capital letter 'Q', together with something to indicate a connection with printing or publishing. It also had to be fairly decorous, in order to lend itself to elegant applications such as silver foil blocking.

The final design included four crop-marks around the 'Q' and is shown below in two versions. The first is for use in print and has lighter lines ; these tend to disappear on screen, so the second shows a slightly heavier adaptation designed for use in online contexts. Following these are two equivalent versions without the company’s name, for use in such context as run-on pages and backdrops, etc.

Sample logo design Sample logo design Sample logo design Sample logo design

Logo for a local charity

This is a logo designed for a charity which was set up to raise funds for new waiting facilities at a cancer treatment centre. It needs to appear in a wide variety of contexts, so the main logo is fairly basic; in other words, it’s pleasant to look at it its own right, but also flexible enough to lend itself to creative and even playful variations. The first image here shows the basic design, followed by a few of the variations that have come up so far. Click here to see some other work on this project.

Sample logo design
Sample logo design Sample logo design Sample logo design Sample logo design

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