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banner cartoon Medievalbookshop is a UK-based one-man-band operating from sunny Watford in Hertfordshire. I offer a flexible and affordable graphic design and typesetting service, whether you’re looking for an all‑in project-managed package or you just need to fill in with the bits you can’t do yourself. All aspects of production can be covered, from copy-editing, through design and page layout, to print-ready PDFs — and if you don’t already have a printer I’ll be happy to research one for you.

The name comes from a bookselling business which specialised in medieval subject matter. The graphics service was always run alongside to subsidise the bookselling. It gradually took on new skills and expanded the portfolio and now, with over 20 years’ independent experience in publishing & design to offer, it has become the main core of the business.

You can get in touch using the contact link at the top of this page. No obligation — you’re welcome to call for a friendly chat, or you can simply email your requirements.

Pricing — keeping it affordable
I’m usually happy to work to your own existing rates. Some form of itemised system is generally preferable to an hourly rate, and keeps things more streamlined all round (making it easier for you to plan and supervise your costings — and often working out cheaper).

For a project or contract where most of the variables are known, an all-in price can be agreed before work starts — even better for planning and supervising! Although a contingency rate will also be agreed to cover unexpected developments, in practice it’s rarely necessary to invoke this.

Publishers & corporates
Have you considered outsourcing work that you currently do in-house? Medievalbookshop has many years’ successful experience in this mode of working. You can make considerable savings on your current office, software and equipment expenditure, and significant reductions to overheads such as National Insurance, PAYE, and other direct employee costs. Take a quiet lunch break when no one’s looking. Take a calculator with you.

Agencies & pools
I’m not proud, and I am always on the lookout for the next job, and I’d love to hear from you.

Books, magazines, catalogues,
Leaflets, newsletters, annual reports, brochures, ads & promotional material, you name it — not to mention the editorial services you love to hate, such as indexing and research — even the occasional bit of software training!

I’m semi-retired, so able to take on interesting small projects or contracts which will pay the bills rather than bring in megabucks.

Medievalbookshop is a UK‑based service, so if you’re within travelling distance of London, I’ll be happy to visit your premises for a no‑obligation chat to discuss your requirements.

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