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This links to the most most recent version of the price list: you’re always welcome to call for a quote and a chat, but you can also check here for the current version of the list.

Prices for page design are listed in full, together with a few other services, but please note these are guide prices – it’s always difficult to quote on a job without knowing what it will involve, so please feel welcome to ask for a no‑obligation estimate, especially if what you want isn’t covered by the list. Most jobs can be quoted at a single price, to avoid incurring unexpected hourly costs.

Medievalbookshop reserves the right to adjust prices without any further notice than is given in this paragraph.

Payment methods

Medievalbookshop is happy to accept credit card payments via Paypal — we'll get them to send you a no‑hassle payment link by email. (You can check their website here)

If you’re signed up for online banking services in the UK, you can also make a no-fee bank transfer using the 'Faster Payments' system. If you prefer to speak to a human, it’s also available via counter services, so enquire about it in your local branch.

And of course, a good old-fashioned cheque is always appreciated just as much!


Medievalbookshop does not qualify for VAT, so all costs and estimates are inclusive. Please note: this means we are not allowed to supply a VAT invoice.

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